We Are the Largest EPS Manufacturer in America

is the largest EPS manufacturer in America.

Certified products
for Building, Packaging
and Thermal Insulation

Wide distribution network
in USA, Canada, Mexico,
Central America, Brazil,
Argentina and Chile.

Full Technical
Support in
all Regions.


Our Commitment

Styropek is the North America leader in the EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) industry and the largest EPS producer in the American Continent.
Our commitment is to provide high quality products, exceptional customer service and high value technical support to our customers.

Styropek is a social responsible company committed to meet local & international standards regarding our operations, products and services.

Safety, Health, Environmental Protection, Quality and Sustainability Policy

Styropek is a chemical company, where all collaborators are committed to the highest standards of safety, health, environmental protection, quality and sustainability according to:

  • The values and code of conduct.
  • The required quality by our clients in products, services and solutions.
  • Achieving business excellence through:
    • Continuous improvement.
    • Risk analysis.
    • Environmental protection.
    • The management of our operations and processes in a sustainable manner under the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria.
  • With the active participation and interaction of all interested parties in order to achieve:
    • Preserved health and integrity of collaborators.
    • Increased customer satisfaction.
    • Promoting sustainable development.
    • Compliance with national, international and voluntary government regulations.
    • Standardize our ESG strategy, thus, contribute to sustainable development where we live  and operate.

Andreas Plettner


Safety, Health, Environmental Protection, Quality and Sustainability Policy


To excel at improving everyday lives delivering better and more responsible solutions through chemistry and materials.


Strengthen our market leadership in the chemicals and materials industries by exceeding the evolving needs of our customers.

Our Values


We act responsibly towards the environment, our community and the safety and development of our people


We do everything with integrity and respect



We innovate and challenge the status quo to find new ways to create value

orientacion al cliente

Customer Orientation

We exceed the expectation and the ever-changing needs of our customers and markets



We succeed and create value by collaborating and learning together


Commitment to Excellence

We deliver results that make us proud through best -in class performance